Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect!

...and I am NOT perfect! Here's another head study...maybe 2.5 hrs in Photoshop CS5 on an Intuos 4 using the technique I talked about in the previous post, and using James Kei for a style guide. Got a little ways to go!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

iPad Head Sketch

Just another sketch on the iPad with Procreate. Doing heads lately to study up for an anatomy class I'll be giving at work. Used an interesting technique on this one, an idea I got from watching Shaddy Safadi's videos.

1) Silhouette in darkest value
2) On a new layer above the silhouette, use a lighter midtone to sculpt a 2-color rendering. This forces you to simplify shapes and place emphasis where it should be (on a head, this is the eyes, nose, and mouth)
3) Make a new layer in between the 2 values looser brushwork. I found myself putting values darker and lighter on this same layer, it was quicker and I think it works fine.
4) On a layer on top of everything, paint the lightest values and highlights

This method allowed me to have more edge control and maintain the value transitions while being able to use looser strokes where needed.

Shaddy used it in a landscape painting, and I thought I'd see how it went on a character. You should spend the longest amount of time on getting the initial two stages just right.

PS I need to work on likenesses, this guy doesn't quite look like my reference. So if you can guess who it is, you're amazing!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

iPad Sketch

A little rough, but I managed to produce this tonight. Procreate on iPad, 1.5hrs.