Monday, July 30, 2007

The Eng Family

I haven't gotten to go see the movie yet, but I love the Simpsons. These took way too long to make... but I think it was worth it!

Still Life

Since I don't blog as much as my loyal fans would like, here's a still life I did recently. Thanks to Mark for the painting tips! I need some new brushes, if anyone has any recommendations on a good flat brush I'm all ears. I'm sick of buying brushes that lose bristles quickly...

This was done with oil paints on a 6"x 6" masonite board in really bad lighting conditions. Can you even tell what they are?


So, at work we get to take some fun classes at "EA University". We are starting a speedpainting group that wants to meet on a regular basis. The only down side is that speed painting is done on computers, and our training lab has a miserable 20 machines or so. The classes fill up fast. Like, if you went to the bathroom and the email was sent out telling people about the class, it will probably be full by the time you return to your desk.

Anyhow, inspired by what I have learned (not much, BTW), here are a few quick ones I hammered out last weekend. These were done in Photoshop CS2 with no more than an hour on each, usually quite a bit less.

I used a reference image of Lucy Liu and was generally displeased with the results. I really need to figure out how to blend skintones better in Photoshop, or just buckle down and use Painter.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Million-Dollar Boy

Today, Miles had some plastic tubes surgically implanted in his ears. Next, we plan on enhancing his eyes like Vin Diesel. We hope he will be overcome with gratitude in his later years and use his upgrades to help finance our retirement.

Seriously, though. I would love to have biomechanically enhanced eyeballs. What could be more useful than infrared vision or shooting lasers from your eye sockets? Unfortunately, we are told that the tubes will fall out themselves within a year or so. There goes that plan...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Soul for an iPhone

A friend at work just got one. I continually tech-lust after it. I think it's definitely worth the money, but somehow I think that money could be better spent elsewhere. The biggest feature for me is actually the built-in GoogleMaps...

For example, last night. Kids ate mac and cheese, but i'm not really attracted to reheated Kraft. I know there's a Thai place around the corner, but I don't have their phone number sitting around. I had to go to my computer, Google Thai Longwood, then grab my phone and type in the number. I felt so low-tech after realizing that it would have taken about 2 seconds with an iPhone.

Vacation report: Pennsylvania was relaxing. I especially liked letting the kids just run around in the yard. They had a tire swing to fight over, dogs to set free, and chickens to feed. Miles also had plenty of sticks to pick up and swing at the nearest breathing thing. For some pix, check out Alissa's blog.