Saturday, October 25, 2008

ZBrush Resurface

Fear not, faithful readers. I have not forgotten you! It does feel like ages since my last post....

I did a gesture sculpt in ZBrush, using ZSpheres for the first time ever. I should have saved that in an image somewhere, so you non-industry people will have to use your imagination. The results actually held up pretty decently, but I forgot the ears so I just jumped ahead to resurfacing the mesh in Maya. I used the sketch from a previous post for reference. Now I am ready to push around some more digital clay and finish out this head! Stay tuned for more updates...

In other interesting news, Autodesk buys XSI from Avid for $35 million. The end of innovation? Perhaps. Autodesk is now the Microsoft of the 3D software industry, as it now owns the 3 most used software packages in the industry (Maya, 3dsmax, XSI) as well as Mudbox, which looks to be stiff competition for Zbrush with their upcoming release.

It's as if Microsoft just bought Apple...the End of Days?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Art and Abbie, the Author

This head study was done with raw Super Sculpy. It's the first sculpture I've ever done, and the only one I've ever finished. I hope to have more time to do more sculpting, but I am still learning and want to try some different materials that require some more equipment. Super Sculpy is ok, but kind of gummy. I used photos of a Polynesian football player for starting reference, but wasn't going for a likeness, just having fun!

Abbie is a very intriguing little girl. She's way ahead of the curve on her reading, and loves to draw. She isn't quite as imaginative as Anna, but she loves to draw from life. As I was taking some pictures of my sculpture before it got too old, she decided to draw it. Not bad, eh? She also wrote this story, perhaps somewhat reflective of a common household event...