Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today I worked on designing a stylized character. Props to my coworker for the paper texture, which I use all the time, and also to Hadi Tabasi, my inspiration for this small project. I think you can tell which one I like the most, although the one on the end is nice at 3/4 view, I couldn't get a profile I was happy with.

Photoshop, as usual. For those who care, I used 3 adjustment layers to add form on top of the line work - 2 curves to darken and 1 curve to lighten. I used 2 custom brushes, one that looks like marker on watercolor paper for the sketching, and one that looks like an oil brush for the tonal work.

I will be modeling the head in the near future using ZBrush and Maya.

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numa said...

i love these, great job matt!