Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Composition Breakdown

I did some overlays to explain some of my thought process while doing my last sketch. Becoming more proficient at implementing the Visual Language is the whole reason I do these exercises, I love this stuff!

I hope you find this beneficial or interesting, please post any questions or things you think I could do to improve in the comments section.

Illustration Practice

A quick illustration exercise with a few WIP steps.

1) Basic composition, value, silhouettes
2) Vivid underpainting - trying this out as something learned from Shaddy Safadi's vids
3) Final painting!

Please feel free to crit! Hope you enjoy this small breakdown. There really wasn't much else to show...maybe next time I'll actually record it.

A few other tips about the process:

- In Photoshop, each shape in Step 1 is on a separate layer and opaque.
- The colors I chose in Step 2 are purposely complimentary to my anticipated final local color of that shape, or also the shadow color I wanted.
- Entire painting was done with 3 or 4 brushes from Shaddy Safadi's website.