Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More DS Sketches

I am loving my Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, it is contagious. Abbie and Alissa have both been requesting more 1-on-1 time with my dear DS. Alissa plays Brain Age and occasionally Mario Kart, while Abbie plays Mario Kart or paints in Colors!, which is what I originally got the DS for.

Can you tell which paintings are hers? I am immensely proud of her. The simplified digital painting is non-messy, which I like...

I posted all my stuff to the Colors! Gallery, my work linked here.

We just got back from the 3-week long vacation in PA with Alissa's family. It was fun, hot, and nice to just be able to relax. The kids love running around the spacious yard and open toolshed!

As Alissa would tell you, I like to go to movies when I'm on vacation. Here's the quick breakdown:

Incredible Hulk - Great film. Some of the CG needed to be re-evaluated, though, as well as the bizarre airbrushed muscles on the soldier dude.

Iron Man - I saw it for the 3rd and 4th times with brothers-in-law. Need I say more?

Hellboy II - Not sure what to expect, but I liked Pan's Labyrinth. Hellboy was excellent. It didn't take itself too seriously, had some witty humor and good effects.

Dark Knight - Had enough comic book movies? No, not really. This one was as great as the hype. Probably one of the best films I've seen in a while. We actually had to watch this one twice, as the first showing (midnight) had a reel put together wrong (skipping the middle 1/3 of the film!), but it was worth it.

Wanted - Pretty good show. Some wicked action sequences, but I wish there were more of them. Still worth your money, though!

I still need to see the new Indiana Jones movie, and Prince Caspian.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My wife makes fun of me for my dreams. She's so supportive, I know. The truth is, I have some pretty frickin' sweet dreams. I think she is just jealous.

For instance, this morning I mentioned that I had a cool dream. She told me that she dreamed we were making out and it was pretty hot. I one-upped her and summarized my dream of zombie-slashing end-of-the-world heroics in 30 seconds.

I regularly have dreams that are pretty much like movies. Sometimes I'm fighting an unseen opposing force, or escaping captivity. Quite often, I fly around or hover. I have never tried to discern if these dreams mean anything, but I've decided to start recording them here, naked for all the world to judge me. No, not literally. I haven't ever had dreams like that...

Last night in my dream I rescued a friend who had unwittingly avoided a grisly death of being chewed to little pulpy bits by a horde of undead. The friend had gone upstairs to his apartment to get something he had forgotten, and come out of his front door to witness a bloodbath by the complex swimming pool. Luckily for him, I was running by and grabbed him to safety after slashing a few zombies with my shiny samurai sword. I somehow knew the zombies were infectious, so when a piece of glass from a slashed window sliced through my cheek, I was horrified at the prospect of becoming infected with the Zombie Virus. Nevertheless, we got to eventual safety in a top-secret hideout.

That's all of my dream that I can remember right now. I probably should have written it down this morning, but better late than never I always say!