Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My wife makes fun of me for my dreams. She's so supportive, I know. The truth is, I have some pretty frickin' sweet dreams. I think she is just jealous.

For instance, this morning I mentioned that I had a cool dream. She told me that she dreamed we were making out and it was pretty hot. I one-upped her and summarized my dream of zombie-slashing end-of-the-world heroics in 30 seconds.

I regularly have dreams that are pretty much like movies. Sometimes I'm fighting an unseen opposing force, or escaping captivity. Quite often, I fly around or hover. I have never tried to discern if these dreams mean anything, but I've decided to start recording them here, naked for all the world to judge me. No, not literally. I haven't ever had dreams like that...

Last night in my dream I rescued a friend who had unwittingly avoided a grisly death of being chewed to little pulpy bits by a horde of undead. The friend had gone upstairs to his apartment to get something he had forgotten, and come out of his front door to witness a bloodbath by the complex swimming pool. Luckily for him, I was running by and grabbed him to safety after slashing a few zombies with my shiny samurai sword. I somehow knew the zombies were infectious, so when a piece of glass from a slashed window sliced through my cheek, I was horrified at the prospect of becoming infected with the Zombie Virus. Nevertheless, we got to eventual safety in a top-secret hideout.

That's all of my dream that I can remember right now. I probably should have written it down this morning, but better late than never I always say!


Alissa said...

i find it just a little disturbing that my "grown man" of a husband has the dreams of an 11 year old boy.

Brian said...

Matt you're my kind of freaky.

I have dreams that I'm saving people too. I've had one of me saving kids from a school bus on more than one occassion and I've also had many a flying dream.