Friday, April 12, 2013

iPad sketch

Had about 40 min waiting for a pizza, so I did this sketch in the Hard Rock Hotel Lobby in Procreate on my iPad, really digging this new brush shape. It's meant to simulate a pencil on edge, hard on one side and soft on the other. I ported over the brush tip shape from Photoshop and put a light texture on it.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some Process and Description

I tried to save out some process images as I worked. Truth is, I worked a bit fast on this one. Here are some descriptions from each of these images:

1. I was given this layout. Not the best, but passable. Clear direction, except they said they wanted "blocks like Stonehenge" forming a wall of ruins.

2. I guess I should've saved the quick line blockout I did initially, but I jumped into a value painting without finishing it because it was what I wanted anyway. I kept important elements on separate layers so I could continue to work with them later.

3. Using a few layers on "Color" blend mode as well as some curves and dodge layers for the lighting, I added initial color to the value painting.

4. Continued painting details, added foreground tree limbs to help the composition.

5. Refining Color

6. Final Painting before FX

7. Final Painting. I added a subtle overlay of uniform gaussian noise and an overall sharpening to unify the image. The lighting is preserved on layers above this.

Hope you enjoyed my brief description of this process!