Monday, July 30, 2007


So, at work we get to take some fun classes at "EA University". We are starting a speedpainting group that wants to meet on a regular basis. The only down side is that speed painting is done on computers, and our training lab has a miserable 20 machines or so. The classes fill up fast. Like, if you went to the bathroom and the email was sent out telling people about the class, it will probably be full by the time you return to your desk.

Anyhow, inspired by what I have learned (not much, BTW), here are a few quick ones I hammered out last weekend. These were done in Photoshop CS2 with no more than an hour on each, usually quite a bit less.

I used a reference image of Lucy Liu and was generally displeased with the results. I really need to figure out how to blend skintones better in Photoshop, or just buckle down and use Painter.


Brian said...

Matt nice work on the speed painting man. I love it. I wish I just had the base knowledge to be able to do cool stuff like that in PS. You use a Wacom when you do these correct?

m3ng said...

Thanks. It's actually not that hard to get set up in Photoshop, I basically end up using about 3-4 custom brushes that I've tweaked to my liking. I use a Wacom Intuos (series 1 - I'm old school like that - actually I'm just poor) for all Photoshop work.

Brian said...

I was looking into a 6x8 Intuos. But I'm waiting for an entire upgrade instead of just getting stuff one bit at a time. I was hoping to switch to a Macbook Pro so I don't want to get a bunch of stuff for my PC if I'm just going to make the switch next year. We'll see how the magazine pans out. It's all dependent on that.