Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bad Taste

I went and saw Ghost Rider at the local dollar theater the other night. There were 2 other guys in the theater when I got there. What a crowd! I actually didn't expect anyone else in there, but I guess these other schmoes were like me and had the bright idea of catching a movie at 10:00pm on a dark and stormy Thursday night.

I didn't have high expectations of the film, and my wife will tell you that I watch all manner of incredibly bad movies and TV shows. At least, I did when we had cable. You know all those horrible movies they replay on TV? I'd watch them all. Unless, of course, they were chick flix. Anyhow, when Nick Cage's head started melting and then turned into a flaming skull, I nearly laughed. I mean, it took like 10 minutes for this sequence to end! Not to mention that the cinematography and editing style was laughable. The film oozes with cheese.

Yet, I still enjoyed it.

I like going to the theater, even if it's the dollar theater. One of my favorite activities while on vacation is hitting up the theaters for whatever looks interesting. This annoys my wife to no end, who can't understand why I want to visit the theater when we're in Pennsylvania at the in-laws.

Some notably bad films I enjoyed and would even watch multiple times:

Escape from NY
Resident Evil 1 & 2
TMNT 1, 2, & 3 (I haven't seen the new one yet, but I hear it's good)
Galaxyquest (arguably NOT a bad movie)


Alissa said...

you do have terrible taste in movies. that's a fact.

Zero00 said...

Galaxy Quest FTW!

dastew said...

Wait a second. I remember both of us walking out of Resident Evil shuddering at how "ucky" the film was. That said I'd love to watch it again because I think I'd enjoy it now. By the way you've got to come up here so that I have someone to see 28 days later with.

m3ng said...

You're right, I remember that too. I've since watched it again on DVD and Resident Evil II like 3 times :) usually it's better than being bored...

Ethan's Mom said...

I would fight you on ranking Galaxy Quest as a bad movie, but... anything with Tim Allen can't be called good.

dastew said...

but it did have allen Rickman in it too

Alissa said...

p.s. stew... i think it's Alan.