Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year, New Man

....Literally. I haven't been to the gym since before the break for Christmas, and I fear the worst. I do have some New Year's Resolutions, and like nearly everyone else, desire to be in better shape. Unfortunately, for this to happen I also need to be more disciplined. Spankings!

Without further ado, here we go!

2008 New Year's Resolutions

1. Family First
Take out each family member on monthly dates. This includes Alissa. =P

2. Climb V5
Work out 3x/week, including yoga 1x and daily isometrics.

3. Paint 1x a week
Do serious studies as well as more finished work.

A desire for self-improvement is what keeps me going. I truly hope to accomplish these goals and become a better person for it. I have a lot more to work on that is not listed above because they are of a more private nature.

On another note, I finally solved the Rubik's Cube Alissa gave me for Christmas. It came with a nifty 7-step solution guide that is pretty cool. Once I understood all the steps, I felt like a genius! Now, if only I could memorize the sequences... I figure I'll just scramble and resolve until I do.

Contrary to popular belief, that photo was NOT taken when the Cube was fresh out of the packaging!


Alissa said...

I'll be your disciplinarian, baby! Spankings for everyone!

Brian said...
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Brian said...

My resolution is to stay the same, I'm great as is ;)

Oh and please no more spanking references. I'm an artist and therefore a visual reader. Picturing things whilst I read them cannot be undone! Shame on you!

dastew said...

Spankings eh? Well that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for Christmas presents.