Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fat Man!

I've felt a bit guilty about not blogging. Well, it's not so much the blogging, but the lack of any artwork that I've been producing. So, here's a sketch I just did to work on a character for a friend. This is a very preliminary sketch of a Gladiator arena owner. Not sure if the style works for what he wants, but I sure had fun with it!

Oh, and here are some links to some very good artists:

Paul Lasaine
John Nevarez
Seth Engstrom
Nathan Fowkes
Nathan Fowkes Landscape Sketchbook

I have a big list, but these are ones I've been looking at lately. If you have more, please share! There are a billion good artists we can all benefit from seeing...


spacemonkey said...

Interesting...is that a boa around his neck?

Brian said...

Dude, what's with the cut on his robe going all the way up to his hips? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Otherwise super cool.

m3ng said...

I have succeeded! He is a grimy gross gladiator arena owner.