Saturday, November 8, 2008


Some of you may remember my attempts at caricature back around April Fool's Day. I finally have some free time and hate to just sit around watching TV, even though I enjoy the diversion. It's just that nothing really gets accomplished by sitting on the couch, so I choose to watch shows at my computer. At work, I usually have a show running in a corner of one of my monitors while I paint. I've tried listening to music, and while it works, I enjoy listening to people talk more. I guess I'd like XM radio, but I haven't gone there yet. Just ask the Dear Wife how much I enjoy good talk radio. Too bad Florida barely has any! (no offense if you're reading this, Lex and Terry).

Anyhow, my manager keeps saying how much he can't wait to see color in the caricature I did of him back for April Fool's Day, and I finally got around to it! The secret method is simple - Photoshop adjustment layers! I flatten the entire image as I work. I used to be very anxious about losing layers that I might need later, and there are still instances where you might want to keep layers separate for awhile, but it's always easier working on a flattened image when doing color work. It also gives the piece more life, variation, and refinement. Here is the tonal I started with, and where I'm at now. I'd say I'm about 75% done. I'll have to get some fresh eyes on on the images to view them larger!


Edo draaijer said...

Very nice! love the rendering on this one!

ramanjit said...

very nice.

shane said...

You should listen to podcasts if you like talk. That's about all I listen to these days. It's amazing what people create and put out there. I mostly listen to tech related podcasts.