Sunday, March 13, 2011

Figure Drawing

Another quick gesture from life

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i love this .. it is so elegant simple and I would so love to be able to don a beautiful frame I will create just for it to live in upon my wall near my heart in my room of rest... would you consider doing a art trade with me ?? i make all kinds of wild and waky fun stuff , I found you through your wifes blog which i love , and i like to collect pieces that scream out to me and your work of art screamed and hit me in the head , i truly love it , and would so be honored to love it and cherish it to the end of my time on this earth and then it will be inherited to one of my 5 children , i dont know which one yet as when they see it , the one who feels the most close to it will be the inherite when it is time , sorry to be so long but i really love this piece of your art and if you would consider letting it go to another home to be loved and cherished , please please let me know what you would like and i would send it gladly , my you tube channel is my pink rainbow as well as my blog , i have been a bit neglectful on both as i had a stroke in dec and just now getting a handle of life again , but rest assured this piece you created willl most certiainly be loved and cherished by me , kindest regards
georgia stewart
personal email is mypinkrainbow at live dot com
thank you again and hope to hear from you ,