Monday, February 6, 2012

Ringling College of Art and Design

I was invited to come to the "Next Step Career Conference" at Ringling College of Art and Design this last weekend, and I had a great time talking to students, teachers, and colleagues. I was impressed with the quality of artwork as I reviewed portfolios Friday night, and had fun getting to know Moby Francke, the guest speaker at the conference opening. What a humble , sincere and down to earth guy! I spent all day Saturday with Angelo Libutti and Boris Andreev from Digital Domain talking with students at our Concept Art roundtable. These are some seriously hardworking guys that I have a lot to learn from!

The school put on a great event and I hope all the students had as great of an experience as I did!

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Ashmasterc said...

Thanks for coming. I really enjoyed your talk and advice at the round table.