Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hot Vacation Spots

Sarasota, Florida. Coralville, Iowa. What do these two locations have in common? Tomorrow at 10:15am, they will have both been host to my Paid Time Off. Traces of my sunburned DNA will be found at both locations. Yes, I'm going on vacation to Coralville! Congrats on graduating Dental School, "little" brother! I'm calling this my vacation, but really it's a quick 2.5-day trip that will most likely leave me exhausted come Sunday.

Wish me luck! Oh, and remind me to post the portrait I finally finished in my oil painting class!

On second thought, wish Alissa luck with the kids.


dastew said...

I have no doubt Lissa could handle ten more kids without even breaking a sweat.

Alissa said...

and stew... i handled 6 tonight. Under age 6. I made them clean. Kids under 6 love to clean. Seriously. They do.

dastew said...

I can't wait till you can be our nanny