Wednesday, June 13, 2007

YouTube pwnz!

So, this kid is pretty nerdy. Not like I was, I was never as nerdy as this kid. I can see a difficult life ahead of him...

I have nothing against home-schooling, but seriously this kid needs to work on social and conversation skills.

So, it's great he can spell and stuff. He obviously understands latin-based word construction. And I'm curious why he sees graphs and math in every day objects. Obsess much? I'm actually fairly certain he has an adoring mother as well. The world needs more of those, too. I wonder what his dad is like.

Aside: This clip will make you ashamed to be an American. It will also make you wonder, "Do I know the answer to that question?". I sure hope you can at least answer 80% of them!

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Mr Jo Bloggity said...

Ok, so I've seen the video of the spelling champion before and can I just say one thing about it.

OMG Product Placement on the News!!!

That was so scripted (to the point that she a had a sandwich ready to show) that I was surprised she didn't take a bite of it and say "Mmmmm Mmmm. That is good"

Moving on.

The last video was hilarious. It totally shows that the Information Age only applies to those who pursue it.
I especially loved the bit with the maps where every country he asked about was Australia re-labeled.

Even if you don't know where Iran is, I can't believe so many people would fail to recognize Australia.

Fortunately, I'm better than those people and can make fun of them too! ;) Just like the Australians did.