Sunday, December 2, 2007

Boys are Monsters

I enjoyed relaxing somewhat today. As I was sitting and watching the kids play, I noticed something: Miles sure is an annoying little turd! I have the feeling that he is the epitome of the Little Brother stereotype. He ran around growling and pushing and grabbing his sisters. They still haven't figured out how to defend themselves. Abbie stiffened up and tried to keep her face out of reach. Anna tried to run away. Miles was sent to Time Out many times. We are waiting for him to get beat up by a kid who knows how to stand up to him, because he sure doesn't care what we say!

He sure is lucky he's so darn cute.


Alissa said...

i keep trying to encourage the girls to fight back... not sure if that's the right tactic, but when your brother tackles you... and he's laughing... go with it...right?

Brian said...

One kick to the nads will solve this issue. When one of the girls figures that out have some frozen peas on hand for Miles.

Beverly said...

"He sure is lucky he's so darn cute." Funny, I say that to myself a few times a day too. It's starting to lose its effect though. I have to go back and look at old posts of him on my blog now.