Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Project: Frogman

I've been missing 3D lately, so I started a new project. Well, more like revived an old one. The very first character I created in 3d was a Frogman, and I've always wanted to recreate him in a manner befitting his coolness. I also need to practice!

Not much went into concept, since he is mostly designed. However, I should probably do some artwork. I got excited and jumped into modeling the head already. It's really rough, but the shape is mostly there, so I guess I could count it as an exploratory digital maquette.

I first modeled a super rough shape in Wings3D, then took it into ZBrush for gestural sculpting, not worrying about the topology. Then I took the model into Maya and resurfaced it for ideal topology, but didn't finish out the mouth. I wanted to play more with the model in ZBrush with nice topology, but my computer sucks. I rendered out a turntable anyway, because it's so easy to do from ZBrush. Basically it is what came out of Maya, smoothed in Zbrush and nothing else.

My next step is to do more detailed concept work on exactly what I want this character to look like. I've got a good head shape, now I need to figure out the body and the all the details of the face. I found some really cool frog reference photos on the Interweb, so stay tuned for some frog studies!

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