Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Ultra MegaCon!

MegaCon is a comic book / anime / gaming convention here in Orlando. Since I can't travel much, the other side of the city is about my limit these days. Sad, huh? I read that Joe Bluhm was going to be there, so I used that as an excuse to drive down there and see what's up. Since my friend Pat introduced his work to me, I've been a big fan. You can see Joe's work on his website. I got him to caricature me, and also watched him draw several other people. It's really fun to watch another artist work, especially a master like Joe. It was great meeting him, his girlfriend, and the ultra-mysterious Dan Hay (holding his book). I bought Dan's book, "Blubber Lubber", and Joe's infamous "Rejects" book. I REALLY wanted to get his sketchbook, too, but my wallet was already yelling at me. You can order these as well as several other great art books at Joe's publishing site, Art Squared Publishing.

When did conventions become costume parties? I went to the Chicago ComiCon back in the mid '90s and I really don't remember seeing anybody dressed as their favorite character. I don't really see the point, but whatever. I wanted to see more artists, but I guess we're too far from New York, L.A. or San Francisco for that... One of these days I might make it up to NYC, tho. It'd be sweet to do a figure session at Society of Illustrators or something.

I snapped a candid photo of the Ex-President of the Colonies, and tried one for Tricia Helfer but was intercepted by the Camera Police. Lou Ferrigno looked a little desperate, which was sad and reminded me of the scene from The Wrestler where the old has-beens are sitting at tables waiting for some fan to pay them $10 for an autograph.

You can view all my photos from the convention on my Flickr site.


ricky blanco said...

what? cameras are not allowed??

Brian said...

The con people try to police you from taking pictures of the talent because that way they don't make money. Wizard oddly enough doesn't enforce anything like this. When Helfer was walking the floor a couple years ago people were snapping pics like crazy. She walked right in front of me to meet Michael Turner.

Also Lou is a jag in every way. From what I've seen of him and other stories I've heard... ugh.

A.C said...

I love Dan Hay's book; so simple yet so rad