Sunday, June 24, 2012

iPad Sketch Practice

Fountain at Tiburon
2 hrs, Sensu brush and Procreate on iPad

Not the best composition, but a good exercise and I feel like I'm getting a better handle on the painting app Procreate. It started raining shortly after I started this one out in front of the office, so I did a quick block-in and finished it finally tonight.

A week into using my Portenzo custom case for the iPad, and I'm still loving it! It looks great and feels very sturdy. The IntelliStand feature is amazing, the magnets that hold it in place when upright and closed are sufficiently strong while not being overbearing. I love having the stylus holder for storing my Sensu brush, the one critique I could offer is perhaps making two elastic straps to hold the stylus in instead of just the one. The reason for this is the loop is fastened at an offset to the back of the maple plywood interior piece, which I'm assuming is because of the thickness (actually, thin-ness) of the piece. When the IntelliStand is being set up, the elastic loop twists under the weight of the stylus and it falls out of the holder, but can be replaced in it once the stand is stationary. This is a minor design improvement that I don't feel degrades the quality of this product, and I'm sure production costs could be a consideration.

I'm really glad I put the time into researching and discovering these great accessories to my iPad sketchbook! I find myself unable to paint on the iPad without my Sensu brush. Sometimes I want a normal stylus is for drawing, but painting is all Sensu! If you want to paint on your iPad, go check out this great product! I wrote more about using the Sensu here.

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