Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Turned to the Dark Side

Well, it's official. I have joined the brainwashed consumer masses chanting "Apple! Apple!". I'm going to use it primarily as a color sketchbook, I reasoned to myself. Never mind the Nintendo DS or ASUS netbook I've purchased in the last few years for the same purpose. A painting a day! I may have to get a plein air umbrella if I want to paint outside, as nearby shade can't be reliably found....or maybe I'll just paint at night?

I've been wanting more out of my Android devices. The lack of artist apps on Android is depressing! When I saw Artrage and Procreate on the iPad, I was sold. I am still learning the Procreate brush controls, hoping to be able to create near-replicas of my favorite Photoshop brushes! Here is a quick doodle I did while waiting at the doctor's office today.

In my search for accessories for my new device, I pored over the internet (mainly Amazon, because I have Amazon Prime) for a suitable, stylish stylus with which to create my future masterpieces. I came across many promising to be ergonomically perfect for note taking, or geared towards artists. Then I found the Sensu! It has two tips you can use, one standard tip for writing and the other with tight bristles for painting. The cap comes off to reveal the brush side, and extends the body of the stylus to around 7 inches! Intrigued, I emailed the company about placing a rush order (I'm leaving on a trip this Saturday), and they're mailing one out to me now! I was impressed with their customer service, and hopefully it will arrive before I leave on Saturday.

I've also been looking for cases, and there are seemingly millions of them out there. I've settled on a customized Portenzo case, and can't wait till it gets here!

I will keep my faithful readers updated with my adventures in iPad land, so stay tuned for more artwork, crazy adventures in foreign lands, and equipment reviews!

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