Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Concept Art

We finally are semi-done with painting stadiums. Whew! I learned a lot, and could still learn from them, but I am glad to do some other stuff. Today we spent some time on caricatures for the upcoming show, here are my takes on some co-workers. I'm going to paint up at least one, more if I have the time...

For inspiration, I was introduced to the fabulous Joe Bluhm. Although I am currently strapped for cash, and my giant list of art books to buy would drive me to bankruptcy, I do plan on buying Joe's fabulous book of rejected caricatures. These are caricatures so crazy and pushed that the subjects did not like them and refused to purchase them. Not every piece in the book was rejected, but every caricature in it is fantastic.

Exaggeration and humor is something I need to work on in my art. It was really fun letting loose with these caricatures at work today! I used a plain photoshop brush with opacity locked at 100% and brush size controlled by pen pressure, min size 0% max size 100%. Pretty simple, the line weight variance was what I wanted for these.

On to paint! I'm going to have to correct a few of the sketches, some wonkiness in eyes and such.

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NickZ. said...

Very cool stuff, this will be great in the show! :)