Monday, March 31, 2008

My Kid is a Ninja

I had my suspicions. Her catlike agility and tendency to reach the unexplored heights of the cabinets. Her tendency to wear skinny black pants and black slippers. The ever-present sais tucked into her belt. Spontaneous displays of acrobatic maneuvers. The stealthy and mysterious disappearance of treats around the house.

Then, on Saturday, I saw it. My little ninja girl. She climbed the rock climbing wall at the company picnic with ease. All the way to the top! Hanging out at 30 feet, she didn't even see the button at the top that rang the buzzer.

Yesterday, she asked me what a ninja was. She had checked out a book to read from the library about them, but hadn't started it yet. Thank goodness for Youtube! Can you imagine having to explain the wonder that is NINJA to a 6-yr old?

Please behold:

After viewing such thorough documentation on Ninjas, she finally understood.

"Ninjas scare people!"


spacemonkey said...
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spacemonkey said...

Well it doesn't surprise me that she has the agility of her parents, it's in the genes :)