Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moving Violation

I'm sure most of you got the memo: moving sucks.

Thankfully, we only moved about 1 mile away from our previous residence. Why did we move? Because our last place was scaring us. No, it wasn't haunted - though the skittering of little clawed rodent feet in the walls and ceiling might spook you during the night.

We really thought the place was going to fall apart and kill us. It was all about survival, really. I can put up with a lot, and have lived in some crummy apartments, but this decision wasn't about me. It was for the kids. I did it for the kids.

Also, Alissa was driving me crazy. She will probably be miffed at me for saying this, but you haven't heard whining until you have lived with a pregnant woman who wants something. Truthfully, I don't mind it. I even ran out to Sonic and got her a banana split the other night (Sunday). See? I risk my eternal salvation for her. My soul is her slave.

I readily admitted that our place sucked, but I hadn't yet given the green light on any of the places Alissa was finding. After all, what's the point of moving if you aren't moving to a nicer place? Finally, we struck gold. Well, maybe just really really nice silver that we could barely afford as long as we stopped spending all our money on donuts and pizza. That, and if gas prices keep going up I'm going to have to ride my bike to work.

The kids have a great time romping around in the backyard, which hasn't been cut in some time. They get to play T-ball and hit the flower bushes with sticks, all the while taunting the neighbor's invisible barking dog. I got some lawn equipment to start acting like a Man. I'll probably be regretting that decision this summer as I drop from heat exhaustion and Wife and kids are rushing me to the hospital crying "Mommy, what happened to Daddy?! I need to go POTTY!!". At least I'll be reassured that I died like a Man, doing yard work.

I have to give big props to the guys from church who came and helped us move the boxes and furniture and appliances. It wasn't easy, and I'm hoping the donuts and juice were worth their time. Much to everyone's entertainment, Alissa directed everyone where to put things by pointing with her belly.


Alissa said...

only a real man can drive a U-Haul without hitting anything... love you.

Brian said...

Moving is in the air, I just helped my buddy Jason move. It sucketh indeed.

Glad you guys got the move over with, now you have to unpack and find all of the stuff you swore you put in that box but cannot find.

dastew said...

I'm glad we never have to move again.