Monday, April 7, 2008


I probably spent too long on this painting (Photoshop). Wifey says it took me about an hour. I got caught up in the details, as usual. Don't forget to LIQUIFY!

I don't even use a straight razor, but I use aftershave. I'm kind of particular, and I really like this particular aftershave made by Adidas. It's brisk and clean-smelling, without smelling like old man cologne. Well, I ran out of the stuff and forgot to mention this to The Shopper, so I am forced to endure the perfumery of my back-up bottle of Aqua-Velva.

Aftershave makes my skin feel better, and more refreshed. I'm wondering if I'm alone here, as I was surprised to see that Target had the meager selection of 3 different aftershaves, and Wal-mart only had a few more.

Are we an aftershave-less society? Say it ain't so!


Shakes said...

I'll forgive your consumption of "the devil brand" since we don't compete with them in the after shave market. ;)

Nice work. Makes me want to bust out the Wacom.

spacemonkey said...

you painted that? cool