Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ice Cream and Cookies

Yesterday morning, my clever daughter woke me up with a desperate plea.

Abbie: "Daddy, I need a note to get ice cream and cookies at school!"

Half awake, I mumbled incoherently.

Abbie: "Daddy, I will write the note. I will write, 'Abbie can have ice cream' and then you write 'cookies', ok?"

Me: "Ok. Yawn!"

A couple of minutes later, Abbie produces a well-written note and I finish and sign it.

It hadn't occurred to me what had just happened. I thought there was some shindig at the school with ice cream and cookies, and parents needed to make sure their kid had a note so they could partake. When I mentioned the note incident to Alissa, she laughed and informed me that there was ice cream and cookies EVERY day at the school, at lunch time! We took the note, but I gave her a new one today when she bought lunch.

Abbie had cleverly circumvented The Great Veto by approaching a sleepy Dad next to passed-out Mom and procured a signature under very questionable methods. These same powers of deception appear to be genetic, as Abbie's mother had also been guilty of similar capers in her not-so-honest youth (Grandma is in town with lots of stories!).

In my heart, I felt pride at her cunning.

In my tummy, I knew I wanted some ice cream and cookies too.


Matt said...

The Baskin Robbins by our house just came out with a flavor called Makin' Cookies. It's like the ice cream and cookies together. It's so good. We took the young men after mutual last night for dollar scoops. One of them declared about half way through, "This is my new favorite flavor," and I confess, it might be mine too. Fortunately I don't need a note.

This is the Life said...

Somehow.....this story sounds oddly familiar...hehehehehe

dastew said...

mmmm...ice cream.