Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, I ordered some paint from the greatest online art store EVAR, Jerry's Art-a-Rama. Now I won't have an excuse not to paint! I really need to work on a lot of things, and the procrastinator in me can come up with all sorts of excuses.

I bought most of the paint from Richard Schmid's list. Because he's cool. And, I trust him. You should, too! =)

Alissa doesn't believe me, but I AM taking my travel easel up to her parents place in rural PA. Plein Air, baby! Plus, what else can you do in the Wilderness?

Anyhow, expect more painting studies in the future. However, nothing as cool as this, or even this. Perhaps someday! I can always dream, can't I? How can anyone paint without "Undo"? frowns. At least I admit that I have a crutch.

Meanwhile, here is my new self-portrait. Enjoy!


Alissa said...

i just like the digi painting b/c ... NO MESS. and also, not stinky.

Justin Clayton said...

Awesome Matt. Good luck with the painting adventure you're starting. That Schmid book is such a great tool to learn the craft.

By the way, when I'm painting, every once and awhile I still look for the undo button. CNTRL+Z just doesn't work as well in oil.