Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have a confession. The new love of my life is not the mother of my children. It is ruined in the summer sun, yet a virtual drop of ecstasy on my quivering tongue! Oh! Spumoni!

A few months ago, when the MIL (Mother in-law) was visiting, I bought some ice cream. The grocery store had a 2-for-1 dealio going on, and my adventurous spirit kicked in. My eye lit upon a colorful carton with an intriguing name - Spumoni! I had never before heard of such a thing, but when I saw it had a layer of Pistachio ice cream, I was sold. And boy, was I!

A quick Google search and I have learned a few interesting things about Spumoni. Traditional Spumoni, or Spumone, originated in Italy but is rarely seen there now. Instead, it seems to have followed Italian immigrants to Argentina and the USA. It is a dessert typically made with 3 layers of ice cream - chocolate, cherry, and pistachio, separated by whipped cream, nuts (often hazelnut), and candied fruit. These can also be mixed into the ice creams.

What's not to love? I suppose the Haters out there will point out that Pistachio ice cream sounds gross. Too bad. More for me! According to, Neopolitan ice cream evolved from Spumoni for all the Haters. Also, the Banana Split may have even come from the dessert. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if all modern cuisine has evolved from the creation of Spumoni!

I was sad to discover that I had just missed National Spumoni Day, August 21st in the USA. Canada's National Spumoni Day is November 13th, though! Good luck prying my fat, sticky fingers from my Spumoni-loaded spoon on that day!


Alissa said...

i'm definitely gonna try to make some kind of spumoni confection soon... try not to gag.

Brian said...

I hate neopolitan ice cream.

Pistachio on the other hand I'm quite alright with.