Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working in Videogames

I work at a very well-known videogame developer, so I play games all the time. 24-7. I am a master at every videogame we make, because I can exploit every glitch and secret in the games to the fullest possible extent. Plus, I'm Asian. You got Served, Bee-yotch!

I like my job. A lot. Well, a lot more than I did a year ago. Why wouldn't I? I get to draw, paint, and use my creative juices every day! It comes to no surprise to me that people envy my job. I try to play it down, but yeah, it is a great job (when the pay finally catches up to me). I just don't understand one thing. Why is it, when I tell someone where I work, they assume I'm a Programmer?

Not to insult the Programmer race, but they can be a strange lot. They get paid exponentially more than we Artists, and have quite interesting behaviors to study. Take, for instance, the level of caffeination a typical male Programmer achieves each day. After two cups of coffee, a soda with lunch (biggie size it!), several "energy" drinks to sustain the exorably draining chair-sitting posture and furious typing, and it's no surprise to witness a jittery Programmer stammering over his description of matrices utilized to calculate multi-vector automated animation sequences.

At 9pm.

It is also not uncommon to witness an Artist's eyes glaze over when technical jargon crosses their ears. Sometimes all it takes is mentioning the word "pipeline" to make an Artist shudder. On the other hand, websites containing concept art or paintings will attract Artists like Programmers to a coffee machine.

Standing around like onlookers at an accident where no one knows if anyone got hurt or killed or did those EMTs shock-paddle that guy or whose fault was it? That poor girl I bet she doesn't even have insurance! And HE looks like he might have a gun in the car... That guy sure can paint. Bastard. I bet he ripped that off a photo. Those are great shapes! That one looks like your Mom! This guy worked on that film? Is that a Photoshop brush?

Paint Daubs FTW!!

There are two breeds of Artists, and they tend to butt heads. There are Fine Artists, and Illustrators. Don't let the names confuse you, though. Fine Artists aren't necessarily "more" artistic than Illustrators (though that's not what they'll tell you!). I've heard of actual fights breaking out between the two. Now THAT I'd like to see!

Focusing on art is what I love. I can accept the technical prowess required of digital artists these days, but drawing and painting and sculpting is where it's at. I decided long ago that I didn't want to feel trapped by my occupation. I wanted to do something that I would look forward to, and not dread going into work. Artwork has now become my life long passion and quest. It is the creation of images and ideas that is so rewarding.

So go out and do something you love!

PS. If you are a Programmer and disagree with my field notes, please feel free to leave a comment!

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Brian said...

Most programmers suck and most fine artists blow.

Illustrators are real artists.