Saturday, August 23, 2008

Those Damn Chinese

I am proud to be an ABC (American-Born Chinese). I am proud of my pure Chinese blood and American citizenship. I haven't been too proud of the Chinese government, though. Actually, who except perhaps a Chinese citizen would say they ARE? I have a special place in my heart for the People's Republic of Taiwan, and I'm glad China let them cross the Strait unarmed to compete in the Olympics. Is it just me, or does it seem like the Olympics are becoming more and more about Politics?

China seems to have gone on a mission to use the Summer Olympics to show the world how awesome they are. So intent, in fact, they even used special effects in the televised opening ceremony. The controversy surrounding the ages of their gymnasts also raises eyebrows. I suppose it is kind of nice to have the bad sentiment angled away from the USA, but we still get our share.

On gymnastics .... why did they have to complicate the scoring? How about we just do audience decibel level. The level of cheering at the end of each gymnast's routine. Maybe even a few cheerleaders holding huge plastic cones to their ears. Since the scoring was obviously biased and inconsistent, at least this way it would be more fun.

I also would like to see a few new sports added to the Olympics:

1. Ninja Warrior! These guys are amazing!
2. Mixed Martial Arts
3. Competitive Eating (Japan wins?)
4. More Women's Beach Volleyball

PS. If you are offended by this post, please leave a comment and I will read it and ignore it. Or maybe even respond!


Wife of dastew said...

The happiest day I've had in weeks was when I flipping between Olympics and Ninja Warrior. Add some X Games and I never would have turned off the tv.

Brian said...

Ha, I've never seen Ninja Warrior but that was excellent.

Also this Olympics has been scandalous. Every sport where judges were involved every decision fell China's way. Where judges were not a factor, we cleaned house. What a rip.